The Future of Real Estate Marketing Is Here!

by xanatemedia August 26, 2014

Online real estate marketing By Lon Levin Internet marketing continuously evolves, so we keep our philosophy simple: stay ahead of the curve, increase the quality and deliver the best marketing possible to our clients. At the moment, we are among the first marketers to offer creative brand design, video showings and live streaming showings. We’ve partnered […]

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The Tower Cancer Research Brand Book

by xanatemedia January 28, 2014

The journey from first meeting to the brand book here took place over a year or so of meetings and conversations, a personnel change at Tower Cancer and our unabiding belief that we could create an image and a brand for Tower that would ultimately fit their needs. As of today we re still in […]

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7 Myths of Social Media

by xanatemedia May 2, 2012

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH Curtis Hougland, CEO of Attention, ticks down several ‘myths’ of social media at Wired Magazine’s ‘Disruptive by Design’ business conference Tuesday May 1st, 2012. Hougland opines the social-media strategy portfolio in the typical marketer’s toolkit is driven by guidelines that are based on 7 common myths. Perhaps most notably and […]

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Mattering in the hyper-connected digital media world

by xanatemedia January 22, 2012

Social media and interactive digital communications are rapidly evolving as the confluence of technology and changing consumer behaviors stretch if not de-construct the value proposition of traditional marketing and advertising practice. No longer content, nor willing, to be statistical constructs or cleverly labelled lifestyle and values demographic subgroups for targeted pitches, people demand to be […]

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