We are strategists for the social media and digital communications space, with expertise in the nexus between art and its commercial applications. Our focus is health(care), health and wellness, action sports, e-publishing and entertainment verticals.

Representative work includes:

 SurfGeek.tv (SG) is both a blog and online ‘digi-magazine’. SG follows the world of surfing from a ‘geek’ perspective, i.e., you know we’re not pro’s with all the latest and greatest stuff, lingo and equipment, who know all the key stats of men and women on the pro tour. We’re just in love with the art, culture and traditions of surfing. We also paddle out and hold ‘board meetings’ on the water. Check us out, and tell us what you think!

IllustratorsJournal.com a blog and online digital magazine, executive editor Lon Levin monitors the latest in the arts with specific emphasis on illustration, animation and contemporary art in digital media.

Recent articles feature a compelling and powerful message via the ‘art as message’ edition, of DC health advocate and self designated medical muralist Regina Holliday.

For the interview with Regina, click here.

Just Oncology the blog and soon to be released quarterly online digital magazine is a publication reflecting the collective wisdom of a 36 year practitioner of community oncology, and senior partner of Pacific Oncology and Hematology Associates. Executive medical editor, Richard G. Just, MD, reflects on health, wellness, evidence based medicine, social media and what it means to live a heart centered life.

For Dr. J’s most recent thoughts, click here.

At ACO Watch our CEO Gregg Masters, a seasoned veteran in the healthcare delivery, financing and managed healthcare industries, serves as executive editor, principal blogger, and host the popular Internet radio series, ‘ACO Watch: A Mid-Week Review‘ on BlogTalk Radio.

Via both the blog and radio show Gregg and an occasional cast of guest posters monitor and comment on the reinvention, re-branding and re-birth of the managed care 2.0 industry, albeit  under the new moniker of ‘Accountable Care’ or the enterprises organized to supply care under this new and improved paradigm.

Marketing, Advertising, Branding or Creative Campaign Design

So what’s in a name anyway? And how does the explosion of new media including the emerging social media platforms impact your branded presence? Have you evaluated that presence on the web lately?

Whether you leverage “freemium’ platforms via lean budgets, or can custom label and flood ‘the cloud’ with your messaging or engagement efforts, branding is at the core of an effective strategy.

How’s your brand coherence given the expanding appetite for digital content? Does your branding presence emerge through the clutter? How about a blog (or do you have one?), or the design of your marketing collaterals, website, newsletter or social media communities?

Whether your needs are marketing, advertising or branding Xanate Media can deliver a custom tailored solution for all budgets.

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