Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.04.04 PM The journey from first meeting to the brand book here took place over a year or so of meetings and conversations, a personnel change at Tower Cancer and our unabiding belief that we could create an image and a brand for Tower that would ultimately fit their needs. As of today we re still in the process of doing that. The brand book here show a complete first stage development of strategy, branding and design. This is the normal way we approach such projects so it was decided we’d let our future clients and interested parties in on what they can expect when they hire us.


By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Following a year long gig in the digital media agency space driving client engagements our co-founder and creative director Lon Levin @levinland resumes his work at XanateMedia.  There is lots to update in the client deliverable creative domain with his return since yours truly has been immersed in the launch of HealthInnovation Media since the March 2013 debut at HiMSS in New Orleans.

Lon LevinA year ago Lon was hired to be President of a design firm BTS Communications, with the dual mission of growing the business and mentoring artists in sobriety in preparation to find next step jobs. When the year ended the business had grown 300% and 10 interns went on to get outside jobs in their area of expertise. Since that time Lon has organized a design firm with the idea to offer top-quality work at lower prices to the non-profit world. The first of these efforts was to help design and create illustrated works for the Art For Barks Organization. Another successful project is the eblast campaign and website development done for Sober Vacations. Other clients like A New Start and Tower Cancer Research have signed on as clients as well.

L Communications & Design’s expertise in the non-profit space involving all areas of design, branding and website design is a great compliment to XanateMedia’s social media strategy and marketing abilities.
Here are some links to work including a fund raising LA Marathon video our agency created last year  Event Photography Portfolio
We continue to stream our live streaming coverage of this annual gathering and note that over 260,000 viewer minutes were generated by our aggregate reporting including the likes of Pat Salber, Matt Holt, Ben Chodor, and other new media personalities.

A creative trailer will be updated and available soon, but some sample creative is available below and here.

We do turnkey creative work in the digital media space from idea to campaign launch and execition. Our prinicpals are thought leaders and widely recognized in the industry as leaders particulalty in the health care social media vertical.

For all internet services from email accounts to managed hosting visit domscape.

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The Revolution Will Be ‘Televised’ via

by xanatemedia March 17, 2013

Health Innovation TV a service of Health Innovation Media launched at HiMSS!3 in New Orleans. A rebroadcast of the live interviews are available via the media player below, and the thumbnails represent all segments filmed on site. Enjoy!

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Dallas Bound! Dell Health ‘Think Tank’ 2013 Version

by xanatemedia March 17, 2013

Last year during HiMSS12 in Las Vegas Dell Health sponsored a ‘think tank’ convening experts from in and around the health information technology stakeholder community including many social media thought leaders, domain experts and journalists. The recorded live stream of that event is available below: This year in round two the Dell Health team elected […]

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‘You Don’t Know Jack’

by xanatemedia February 21, 2013

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH But you should. Until FutureMed 2013 streamed ‘the future on oncology’ segment I didn’t know Jack.  So get to know Jack Andraka (@jackandraka). A 15 (now 16) year old high school student that may just revolutionize diagnostic medicine. Detecting potential cancers at the ‘precursor lesion’ would cause a seismic shift […]

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HiMSS Social Media 2013: The NOLA Strain

by xanatemedia February 18, 2013

Gregg A. Masters, MPH Last year HiMSS social media staff supported by many of us in the community who do this for the most part as a passion and more often than not ‘for free and for fun’ participated in a big way to build an awesome ‘digital footprint‘. In fact, one of the sessions […]

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